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Jenny Rand and Associates specialises in tourism and economic planning, development and marketing.  In the 1980’s, Jenny Rand was actively involved in the preparation of the first State Tourism Plan for NSW and subsequent Regional Tourism Plans for key locations within NSW.   Over the past 30 years, Jenny has gone on to prepare more than 40 tourism and economic development plans and strategies, including plans for individual towns and villages, Local Government Areas, touring route corridors, regions and States.

Tourism Planning – Destination Development & Management

Our approach to tourism planning and destination development and management, recognises that product and infrastructure development is intrinsically linked with market development and must support the brand, brand values and positioning of the locality.  We focus on understanding the market base and ensuring that the product and infrastructure meets market needs and expectations.  We ‘dream big’ – paint the long term picture, but start small, addressing the opportunities for growing visitation and/or yield that can be readily achieved with the assets, skill base and resources available.  Often the short-term actions focus on market development and marketing and promotion to consolidate, strengthen and diversify existing markets.  Accompanying this, we identify what needs to happen to ‘take the next step’, identifying the product development and infrastructure projects needed to address gaps in supply and/or provide the platform for further investment and/or market development and diversification.

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Jenny Rand & Associates is a member of the Australian Regional Tourism Network (ARTN) and accredited by ARTN to prepare Destination Management Plans.

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