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The paperwork for Grant Applications and Industry Award submissions can be extremely daunting, with the process being highly competitive. Not only are there a multitude of forms and questions to complete, applicants often need to submit supporting documentation including Operational and Business Plans, Marketing Strategies, Risk Assessments, Sustainability Plans, Financial Assessments and Budgets and Performance Data.

Jenny Rand & Associates has a proven track record in the preparation of grant applications and industry award submissions. Working with you, we can undertake background research and analysis, develop a strategic approach to the application process, and prepare the application and if needed, the supporting documentation. If you have already prepared your application, we are happy to review both it and the supporting documentation, to ensure that the each of the questions have been correctly and comprehensively answered and that the Application ‘hits the mark’.

If you are thinking of entering Industry Awards in the future, we can advise you of the information that you will need to collect, set up data collection and performance monitoring programs, advise on the suitability of your supporting documentation and, if needed, work with you to update these documents or prepare new ones. Not only does this provide you with a sound base for preparing your application, it encourages you to critically evaluate your business.

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